RFQ for : Gold Bars, posted by Importer from Sri Lanka
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
26 Jun 2012
Sri Lanka

Buy Lead Details

Dear Suppliers,

We would like to purchase 250 Kg 999.9% Swiss bar and 1kg or 12.5kg gold bars.

We will pay through cash.

We mainly want to contact suppliers from Sri Lanka only.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):


COMPANY : Chxxxxxx
ADDRESS : Chxxxxxx Gaxxxx, Etxxxxxxxxxxxx, Maxxxxxxxxxx,
Agxxxxxxxxx ,Srxxxxxx
PHONE : 9xxxxxxxxxxxx
CELL : 9xxxxxxxxxx
EMAIL : cxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gxxxx.cxx


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Wholesale demand for : Gold Bullion (RFQ / Buylead from Georgia)
26 Jun 2012
Dear Suppliers,

We would like to import gold bullion. The product description are as follows:

AU in the form of 12.5 Kg bars,
Fineness – 99.95% or better.
Hallmarks – under 5 years internationally recognized and accepted (Gold Bullion (Au) in GLD Specification Bar Form)
Quantity : From 500 MT to 15000 MT
Place of delivery : Europe, Latvia
Shipment terms : CIF - COST
Price: In US Dollars on the day of transaction as set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
Discount: 9% Gross 12% Net
Commission: 3.00% to Brokers or Agents (paid by buyer)

Procedures: Seller presents draft contract and NCNDA/IMFPA for acceptance by the buyer. Contract goes through normal negotiation and validation period.
Attachment: NCNDA/IMFPA.


Contact : Tamaz********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars, Gold Bullion (RFQ / Buylead from Sri Lanka)
18 Jun 2012
Dear Suppliers,

We are an intermediate party of bullion trade and we were looking for gold bullion and gold bars suppliers. The specifications are as:

Form : 1kg & 12.5kg Bars
Finess : 999.5% or better
Hallmark : Swiss Hallmark Less than 5 years

Quantity required : 100MT

Destination Port : Singapore

Payment Mode : Bank transfer

Suppliers from Singapore please provide their FCO.

Contact : Mahesh F*******   

28 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy 10 Kgs on a regular basis.

Shipping Terms: CIF
Destination Port: Chennai, India
Payment Terms: L/C with Bank guarantee.


Contact : Mohan********   

26 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy gold bar, silver bar, rough diamond in bulk from African countries. Please send us best CFR price, Kandla Port and payment will be done by L/C.


Contact : Mukul****   

26 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking for suppliers of gold dust, gold bar, gold bullion. Interested parties are requested to send their best CIF offer for Dubai, Sri Lanka & USA.

Kindly note that we prefer deal on contract basis. Any quantity no problem.


Contact : Abdul******   

Wholesale demand for : 1000 mt of Gold Bar (RFQ / Buylead from India)
26 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We need 1000 mt of gold bar on the following terms :

Quantity Required : 1000 MT Per Month

Shipping Terms : CIF

Destination Port : Hong Kong Or Dubai

Payment Terms : L/C

Looking for supplier from worldwide.


Contact : T*****   

Wholesale demand for : Silver & Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from India)
23 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We require silver-100 kg , gold -225 kg per month from suppliers worldwide. Destination port is Chennai and payment will be made by cheque.


Contact : Vikas****   

Wholesale demand for : Solid Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Bangladesh)
18 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy gold bars on the following terms :

Quantity Required : 1 Kg Per month

Shipping Terms : FOB

Destination Port : Dhaka Airport

Payment Terms : L/C

Looking for supplier from African countries.


Contact : Syed**********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Nuggets, Bar (RFQ / Buylead from Romania)
25 Apr 2012
Dear Exporters,

Could suppliers please let us know their CIF prices for gold nuggets and bars. The delivery is required at Romania port.

We will make the payment by cash. Exporters from all over the world can contact us in this regard.

Contact : T****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars/ Bullion (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
24 Apr 2012

We want to buy Swiss/ EU origin gold bars and bullions 50 kg per week from genuine supplier who can prove quality certificate.

We want standard packaging and please provide best FOB Or CIF price, Europe.

Payment will be made through L/C and we are looking for suppliers from e-Europe & US.


Contact : Yu***   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from India)
24 Apr 2012
Dear Sir,

We have buyers who are looking forward to buy gold bars. The quantity starts from 100 kg and it can go upto 100 tonnes. The payments terms would be RTGS. We are looking for worldwide suppliers. It should be bank to bank transaction.

It should be 24 carat,999.9 pure.


Contact : V P************   

21 Apr 2012

We have an RWA buyer who will take the entire quantity. He is ready to close the deal within a few days, if your seller can accept and agree with the following simple initial process:

- Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to buyer mandate/BCO with full banking co-ordinates and seller’s bank officer details (name and telephone)/IMFPA/NCND signed by the seller mandate
- Seller Mandate and Buyer Compliance Officer/Buyer Mandate communicate
- The Seller extends an Invitation for the Buyer's Bank Officer/Buyer’s Compliance Officer to contact the Seller's Bank Officer
- Seller Bank Officer and Buyer Bank Officer communicate to confirm POP and POF verbally
- Buyer sends signed FCO/LOI/IMFPA back to seller
- SBO and BBO continue with communication to Finalise the SPA
- Bullion officers complete the transaction and all commissions are paid in full.

The buyer will move fast if the seller will accept this. Once the POP/POF is confirmed by both bank officers, the buyer will follow your procedures. If seller agrees, I will send the particulars of the buyer - for inclusion in the FCO.


Contact : G***********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bullion Bars (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
19 Apr 2012
Dear Sir,

We have several serious buyers interested in purchasing large quantities of gold bullion bars (20 mt. or more). Can suppliers please send to me information regarding your gold supply availability, pricing and specifications as well as the associated terms and conditions for CIF deliveries?

I look forward to a reply.


Contact : Wilson*****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Dust, Dore, Bars (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
18 Apr 2012

We are looking to buy gold dust, dore, bars on regular basis from suppliers worldwide. Please send us best CIF & CNF price and the destiantion port is Los Angeles.

Payment will be made by T/T or L/C.


Contact : Paul****   

28 Mar 2012

We have got a client who wishes to purchase 200 MT gold bullion, and on the other hand I also have a few client's (The Diamond Dist. of New York ) and they are requesting a pricing on rough diamond.

So please email your pricing, along with CIF Payment terms.


Contact : Zina******   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Bangladesh)
26 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking to buy gold bars. Our shipping terms are based on FOB basis and the destination port is Dhaka.

Payment will be made through L/C.


Contact : B****   

29 Feb 2012

We need gold bar of 1000 mt and above bank to bank payment discount 16%. We need urgently for our buyer, delivery Hong Kong or Dubai Lmba rate.

Send us response soon.

Thanking you

Contact : Tridip*********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars, Dore, Dust (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
22 Feb 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking for gold of any origin as long as an SKR can be proven, of bars, dore and gold dust. Large volume is required. Upwards of 100 million in value is sought for contract.

This is our companies largest volume gold buyer. Please contact.

Contact : Patrick Ottey   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bullions (RFQ / Buylead from United Arab Emirates)
22 Feb 2012
Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying gold bullions on the following basis :

Quantity Required : 1500kg
Shipping terms : CIF, FOB
Destination Port : UAE, Dubai
Payment : Bank Transfer


Contact : P******   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Portugal)
20 Feb 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a representative of a company situated in United Arab Emirates. We have a serious gold buyer of high profile who is looking to secure a 12 months contract of 20 Metric Tons a month.

The buyers conditions are:

the gold must be not more than 3,5 years old;
the seller mandate must be the company that I represent;
the gold must be in a bank (preferably Europe, Middle East or America) due to the fact that the buyer is an investor;
gold must be in bars.

My buyer is reliable with track records and I will be most honored if you could consider doing business with us.

I look forward to hear from you.

Very sincerely,

Contact : Joao********   




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