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141 Foreign Suppliers of Mercury
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Malaybis SDN BHD 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury, beans, cotton, sand, edible oils, garlic, onion, paper products, rosin, sulphur, calcium oxide, sodium hydroxide, naoh, cao, ingots, gloves, flour, wax, stearin, sugar, yeast, animal skin, hides, glycerin, aluminum foils, copper cathode, charcoal, water, glucose syrup, nuts, charcoal, alcohol, CACO, salt, nacl, vinegar, bitumen, resin, varnish, cocoa, coffee, pepper, powder, tomato paste, OCC, chemical, curry, green lentils, sodium bicarbonate, fuel, crackers, shells, scale, steel, pipes, tea, bamboo, timber, gum, husk, cigarettes, wood, timber, starch, pellets, pallets, cassava, ginger, logs, PVC pipe, spirit, gemstone, aquamarine, opaz, tea, rubber, spirit, horn & bone, industrial machines, clothes, fruits, diesel, fuel, petrol, ore, waste, honey, alcohol, waste, HMS1, HMS2, scraps, tyres, buttons, capsule, beer, ores, wires, food, feed, meals, machines, scrap, drugs, medicine, health, coconut, pea, acid, battery, chip, HMS, dates, hair, wigs, drugs, pharmaceutical supply


Pn And Zap 

Exporter / Supplier of: Bitumen, white spirit, base oil, mercury, styrene, xylene, ethanol, methanol, sodium cyanide, urea, ammonium sulphate, NPK, ammonium nitrate, bitumen, base oil

South Africa

Vietnam Chemical New Technology., Jsc 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury

Viet Nam

Surfworld E.I.R.L. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Metallic mercury


Major Metals Ltd 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury, tin, lead, seleium


Hermes Thermometers Industries 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury and alcohal thermometers including ASTM & IP thermometers with yellow or white back cappiliary.


Storm International (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (LABSA/DBSA), sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES/AES), sodium lauryl sulfate (K12/SLS), sodium hydroxide(caustic soda) pearls, lakes/solid, liquid, mercury (HG), sodium cyanide (NACN), potassium cyanide (KCN), STPP, SHMP, CMC


Eastlink Agency 

Exporter / Supplier of: White mercury



Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury for different fields industrial or laboratory


Engineering Concepts, Llc. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Iron ore (Fe), silica sand, manganese, mercury

United States

Qinhuangdao Feiteer Chemicals Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Potassium iodide, mercury/hydrargyrum, zirconium silicate, selenium powder, sodium selenite, fine iodine


MB Abrera Sa 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury metals



Exporter / Supplier of: Virgin liquid mercury, zircond sand , A4 paper latex examination gloves, paraffin wax


Hangzhou Xiangshengjie Import And Export Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Aluminum ingots, aluminum powder, zinc dross, zinc ingots, mercury, antimony ingots, lead ingots, copper ore, stainless steel


Sudawan Chemicals Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Caustic soda and prime virgin mercury


Socropole Sdn Bhd 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lipitor (atorvastatin), aminobutyric acid, antimony trioxide, virgin liquid mercury, crude iodine prills, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, stearic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, benzoic acid, fumaric acid, cichoric acid, ascorbic acid, tranexamic acid, sodium cyanide, sodium benzoate, sodium sulphate, zinc oxide, riboflavin sodium phosphate, potassium bifluoride, vitamin


Shijiazhuang Fudao Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury


LPG Advisory Services 

Exporter / Supplier of: Chemical product , paraffin wax, mercury


Huayuan Import And Export Corp. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide and mercury


Coo-Org Kutato 

Exporter / Supplier of: Mercury, sodium cyanide, mercury oxide, mercury chloride, cinnabar ore, chlorine, alfalfa hay, wheat bran, beef fattening feed supplement, crude protein in fish meal, hydrated lime, soy lecithin, dicalcium phosphate dcp for t post, ascorbic acid, vinyl acetate monomer, white spirit, crystal iodine, bitumen, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, chlorinated paraffin, foots oil, fuel oils, hydrocarbon wax, light liquid paraffin, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline wax, mineral waxes, paraffin wax, petrochemical wax, petroleum jelly, petroleum wax, polyethylene wax, residue wax, vegetable wax, white oil, cheddar cheese, , agriculture product, frozen pork chops, used cooking oil, peanut paste, pine nuts kernel, hoso, sunflower seeds, maize, corn, pure butter ghee, dried salted cod, lutien powder, parrot eggs, french white millets, sea cucumber, almond nuts, refind palm oil, palm kernel cake, potato starch, corn starch, stevia sugar, chia seeds, petroleum slack wax, coconut oil


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